It’s just been one of those months where I can’t think of any topic that really begs to be covered. So instead of just not writing anything, I will share a few songs and artists I’ve been listening to lately (in various genres), for anyone that is interested. I feel compelled to provide for my readers.


Serph. I think you guys will really like Serph. His music has got a lot of layers to it, but it is accessible and upbeat. Take Vent, for example. There’s a strong sense of movement in the track: fast drums, the dancing piano line, the fact that the song changes phrases many times. You get that good situation where you don’t fully know what the song is all about until you’ve heard the entire thing. He’s also got a lot of jazzy songs, which may remind you of Nujabes. See: Sleepwalking.

Stiver. Stiver seems to be following in the tradition of Burial, Nocow, and Volor Flex, all of whom I am a big fan of. If I had to characterize this group in the field of future garage music, I’d say what they have in common is their strong use of 2-step beats, with minimal use of more traditional dubstep sounds (if you don’t think so, compare Digital Mystikz to any of the aforementioned four artists, and recognize the divergence in style). At any rate, the Hollow EP is a great album. You can listen to all of it on Youtube, starting here.


13 & God. I will admit, calling this traditional hip-hop is a stretch. 13 & God are one of many experimental hip-hop projects by the Anticon label (and I highly recommend checking out their other work). I recommend listening to them only because this kind of music isn’t particularly common, and they do well at what they do. I got into them with Armored Scarves. My favorite part of the group is the guy doing the rapping in the song: Doseone. His style is very surreal (as is the rest of the group), and even though there is perhaps a learning curve to appreciating him, it’s worth it. Another example.

Serengeti. I do not have much to say about Serengeti, other than that he is a genuinely talented artist. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve even recommended a few of his songs before. I’ll throw in Flutes (worst video of all time, by the way. He appears to be trying not to laugh the entire time) and Talk To Me, but don’t stop there. He’s got a side project with Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux called s / s / s. He also has some Wu-Tang Clan-sounding throwback group called Tha Grimm Teachaz, who are actually not bad at all. Check out Whatchyougonnado?


The Angelic Process. I’ve been getting back into post-rock (or whatever you want to call it) recently, and what a band to run into right off the bat. This band uses very heavy, crushing, almost black-metal-esque sounds. The atmosphere they create has blown my mind. Makes me wish I actually had a proper audio setup. If you’ve got eight minutes to spare, check out Dying In A-Minor. If you are a peasant, then perhaps this four minute track will convince you instead.

Matryoshka. Japan has actually got a lot of interesting and creative post-rock bands. I may talk more about that in a future post, but for now, you should seriously have a listen to this: Tyrant’s Miniature Garden. Presumably you will notice the same thing I noticed when I first heard this band — they have a thing for very depressing, cascading intros. When I say cascading, I am describing this feeling that even though the song is building up, it feels as though everything is collapsing. It’s a very cool technique, and they’re not the only ones who use it; but hey, it works. Here’s another example.

I’ll be out of town for the next couple weeks. Hopefully some form of inspiration will hit me, and we can discuss the state of music once more.


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