Today, I found myself again listening to glitch-hop station on last.fm. Something about that genre just lends itself to being discussed, so I’m going to lay out the five best songs I heard today, and why.

5. EskmoCloudlight. This song has a really grunge-y groove to it, which I’m a big fan of. Eskmo does a good job with this song of generating a delirious mood, while keeping everything anchored with the melody. It’s just a really well put-together song. I was hooked from the intro to the end. It might not be the definition of glitch-hop, but it’s worth a listen.

4. Nosaj ThingIOIO. I didn’t really like Nosaj Thing the first several times I listened to him, but his work has grown on me. This track stands out to me because it is so contained. A lot of glitch-hop can get out of control very quickly with the wobbles, drops, and glitch sounds. Some people are a big fan of that, but I appreciate restraint. This song doesn’t win any “wow factor” competitions, but it’s a very pleasant listen.

3. Beats AntiqueBeauty Beats. This band was first introduced to me when I started looking into steampunk earlier this year. While I hold that their sound can get boring if you’re listening to an entire album, hearing individual tracks among other music is something different entirely. For whatever reason, not many electronic artists (that I’ve come across, at least) incorporate middle-eastern/north african sounds into their music. It’s refreshing, and honestly, pretty cool to hear on occasion.

2. ill.GatesCollateral Damage. This track walks a fine line between dirty and bouncy, and executes fantastically. The beat is engaging, to put it simply, and it makes you want to walk down the street in your sunglasses with a boombox blaring it at people. On an unrelated note, “Ill Gates” is the funniest artist name of the day for me.

1. The Glitch MobBad Wings. When listening to other people talk about glitch-hop, I find that The Glitch Mob are starting to get a bad reputation as sellouts. If they keep making songs like this, I’m not complaining. While I still think that a lot of Glitch Mob tracks go for longer than they ought to, this one manages to keep things interesting, and its melody is tremendously infectious. Like the others in this post, this is a restrained glitch-hop song, but I like it all the better for that. They make plenty of loud, aggressive songs, but the tracks I remember are usually the ones I can actually listen to.


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