There is no way in hell I’m actually going to do this kind of post every day, but I was listening to glitch-hop radio on last.fm earlier, enjoyed myself, and decided it’d be fun to rank the best songs that came up.

5. Pretty LightsFinally Moving. Pretty Lights is kind of cheating by being on the glitch-hop radio, because I would not call this song glitch-hop. It got played all the same, and Pretty Lights – being the master of pleasant tracks that he is – managed to catch my attention. The song is a mashup, but the art of mashups has really stepped up over recent years, and I won’t hold it against him. It has a really nice flow to it.

4. EskmoSan Francisco (The Rhythm). I’m putting this up here because it was weird, and it stood out. It’s got this kind of “robot going out for a walk” vibe to it. On the one hand, it’s the same underlying beat for the entire song, but on the other, each time the beat comes in for the big bass hit, Eskmo does something different. It’s never the same, even though it “is.” Maybe it will speak to somebody here.

3. BoretaBubblin’ in the Cut. Boreta, one of the members of the Glitch Mob, delivered the heaviest glitch-hop song of the day. This song is really a great demonstration of what glitch-hop is about. He took a hip-hop beat that people can nod their heads to, and layered well-chosen glitch elements on top. The combination really works. And of course, he masterfully avoids the problem of sounding too repetitive throughout the song – a problem that happens too often in this genre.

2. The Glitch MobStarve the Ego, Feed the Soul. The last time I listened to the Glitch Mob, I felt like their songs went for too long. Their hard-hitting glitch style seemed too much for their 5-6 minute tracks. That wasn’t the case with this song. It’s got a nice build-up, a slow groove, and a simple but endearing melody. It just gets better and better until the end, without a drop-off anywhere, which reminds me of post-rock. Well done. I found out that this track is actually the last one on their album “Drink The Sea,” and that’s probably why the song was written this way.

1. PANTyRAiDGet The Money. I missed these guys when I did my original post about glitch-hop, but apparently PANTyRAiD is another project from one of the Glitch Mob’s members (Ooah), partnered with Marty from MartyParty. I’m happy to have run into them now. The best part about this song is that it constantly changes as it goes, in a cohesive way. It starts off very chill, then we get the hip-hop beats, then some low-key dubstep, and finally we get the characteristic glitch elements. That’s a lot to have in one song, and I’ve heard other artists mismanage similar tracks. This one is well put together, and it stood out among the pack.


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