I’ve been working on two articles very slowly. In the meanwhile, I’m going to do another one of those “my thoughts on modern music” round-ups of various things that have gone through my mind but didn’t seem worth a full article. The last one of these was in October. The electronic take-over of pop has continued since then, and I have to say, I think it’s temporarily made pop music more interesting. Do I have any examples to back up this opinion? Nope.

  • Flo Rida has made many songs that I think are dumb. However, in his latest one (Wild Ones), he has recruited Sia to do the chorus. I know that Sia worked with David Guetta last year, but I still think she’s an unusual pick, and I appreciated it. For the 30 seconds in which she sings the chorus, I actually enjoy this song. She’s got a strong voice, and it stands out because the rest of the song is very uninteresting.
  • I’ve been back into playing guitar for most of this year, and that’s gotten me back into a lot of the hard rock I liked in the early 2000’s. Now that I’ve listened to a lot of it all over again, I have to give special recognition to Chevelle. They stayed true to form across an entire decade (and are still here), were incredibly heavy, and they managed to keep things different from song to song. A lot of their contemporaries, such as Disturbed, would sometimes fall into “recognizable” riffs or patterns to achieve their heavy sound. Not to say I don’t like Disturbed, but I’ve realized now that Chevelle was really something else.
  • I heard Weatherman by Dead Sara on the radio last week, and it made my jaw drop. Do I have a tendency to assume female-fronted rock is not as good? Yes. Dead Sara amazed me. Moreover, they actually reminded me of Rage Against the Machine, which always gets my attention. The band has got a great sense of groove. I also really liked Whispers and Ashes. I do not know where these guys came from, but I like where they’re going.
  • Also along the lines of “unexpectedly good songs I heard on the radio,” In the Meanwhile by Spacehog was on this morning. I don’t think I’ve heard of these guys before, even though this song is from 1996, but I really liked it. I’m enjoying these hidden gems the radio is hitting me with lately.
  • Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye is an unexpectedly good song to be #1 on the Billboard charts. Thanks, Glee.

One of the articles I’m working on is about dubstep’s recent and definitive entrance into the mainstream. What I find curious is not necessarily that dubstep has become as popular as it has, but why other equally obnoxious genres have not. My guess is that it is somewhat “danceable,” but I’d like to spend some more time thinking about it before I make the full post.


One thought on “Filler post on music

  1. Sia is an australian artist and yeah she is very talented.Never really got into Chevelle… but I will check them out more.Im glad you introduced me to Dead Sara! That girl rocks! Keen to hear more.The Spacehog song was really funky… digging it.Gotye.. also an aussie artist.. been following his for a few years now. While I dont care much for indie pop, i will say that the lyrics in this song are quite powerful and its nice to hear actual duet on the radio.Will be interesting to read your article on dubstep. My thoughts are that it replicates the breakdown from hardcore/screamo bands and since the newer stuff has a rockier edge it attracted american kids who were once scene or emo. To me it perfectly contrasts the rise of numetal. Also considering Americans general distaste for EDM (stems from disco), it makes sense that sooner or later it was going to be delivered to them in two formats they understand the most – contemporary RnB and good ol’ rock n roll – an american staple.


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