I haven't talked about Adele in my rants about pop music this year. The reason is because she is the best artist in pop right now (and Billboard apparently agrees). I still do not enjoy listening to pop, but I commend Adele for driving it home in a year in which Lady Gaga pulled out all the stops. It's nice to know that pop fans can still appreciate a bit of authenticity (oh wait, they're probably just listening to Adele because it's what's on the radio).

Adele's songs are all very simple, and she is guilty of using the "magic four chords" that all pop artists use when making a hit. Despite that, she has an amazing singing voice, and after reading Billboard's interview with her, I can respect her modest attitude as a pop star. I thought the music video for Rolling in the Deep was very cool.

Having said these nice things about her, I do have some remarks. Her entire album is about heartbreak, and I don't know why people are hyping that aspect of it. Look guys, this is what soul music sounds like. Adele is not your only option for this kind of music. Amy Winehouse was not so different. Secondarily, if Adele is the most sincere artist on the radio right now, you only have yourselves to blame. Yes, it is most curious that a song like Someone Like You is more compelling than Party Rock Anthem. Maybe one day listeners will work out what that difference is.

That said, congratulations Adele. Mainstream music in 2012 will probably be a catastrophe without her.

[P.S. if David Guetta releases one more useless house song with vocals by *insert pop artist here*, he's getting an article about him]


3 thoughts on “Wow, Billboard selects an artist of the year that isn’t complete crap

  1. Yes I do agree that Adele is the best thing on the radio at the moment. I also don’t seem to get annoyed at her music as quickly as I did with LMFAO, and both are overplayed. I think theres an oversaturation of dance music at the moment which is great in the clubs but can get a little stale after repeat plays from a radio station (especially if your not into house music). I think mainstream listeners are just jumping on the Adele bandwagon because she does sound so different to rest of the music being pumped out. Its only a matter of time before the radio starts sounding like a bunch of carbon copy adele songs.It does piss me off that Radio stations tend to saturate the airwaves with one genre. Living in Australia I can tell you that our two main commercial radio stations play nothing but electro-pop and occasional neo soul song. Our so-called alternative station plays nothing but indie-rock (worse in my opinion). The mix station plays nothing but 80’s new wave and the “rock” station plays nothing but soft rock and nickel rock.


  2. On the subject of David Guetta, I think he does deserve a post dedicated to him. I remember a time when Guetta songs had more dynamics to it. Nowadays his music is literally just a pounding beat, a catchy tune and as you said… a pop artist. Its almost like he realises he doesnt have to put a great deal of effort into his tracks in order for him to make the big bucks… and we’re talking about house music… its not hard music to make.Oh and I’m assuming you’ve heard the news about Skrillex being nominated for 5 grammies? Now as you know I dont mind his music.. but this really does stink of a grammy night setup to attract a younger audience. I think he’s done well. But I really dont think he deserves that kind of recognition… why hasnt Burial received any nominations, in my opinion hes had more of an impact on the genre.


  3. Like I said, I think Adele’s popularity is a commentary on the state of pop music, and that things aren’t going to get better.You said almost everything I might’ve said about Guetta. 😀 I’ll let him do it again as per my P.S.I hadn’t heard that about Skrillex. It’s pretty unbelievable to me (beyond the simple “awards shows never get it right”). I’ve listened to even more of his songs at this point, and my opinion has not really changed. In fact, I’m starting to label him as a gimmick. Taking a nice song, injecting the wobbles, ruining it.


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