When I listen to rock these days, it bores me.The fact is that rock, hip-hop, pop and every other mainstream genre employ the same structure for almost all of their songs: intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus, more or less. So I have asked myself a troubling question: is the music I used to listen to really any better than pop?

The answer of course is yes, even though that doesn't stop the majority of it from being boring once one grows accustomed to it. However, the difference between rock and pop is in the application of their basic song structure. I would consider pop songs to be notoriously uninspired. The people that produce pop music tend to implement flavor-of-the-week beats, melodies (and recently, electronic effects), and this causes all pop songs to not only sound the same, but often be the same.

Rock music can be much more creative. In fact, this is the area where I feel nu-metal is underrated. There is much less copying and rehashing in rock (until the sell-out point), and more experimentation with different sounds. As much as they're all really doing the same thing, I can always find something interesting about individual bands that other bands don't have. Chevelle has got groove, Sevendust is punchy, Disturbed has Draiman, Linkin Park has Mr. Hahn. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and pals have only got the same group of record execs in a room crunching out the same hits.

This is why rock is boring me, but pop flat out pisses me off.


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