I go back to UF on Sunday, so my time listening to the radio is coming to an end. Rather than writing a full post about every band I liked or didn’t like, I decided to just briefly list some of my thoughts on modern hard rock.

  • It is probably a bad thing that songs off Chevelle’s album “Wonder What’s Next” almost completely outclass other artists’ new releases when they’re played in succession
  • Korn did a song with Skrillex called “Get Up,” and it is actually not that bad. For some reason, dubstep works a lot better when it’s an instrument rather than a genre
  • Avenged Sevenfold got to be the only band this entire summer that made me switch stations due to overplay of their terrible new material
  • I complained about it before, but redneck rock is really wearing on me
  • Metalcore got incredibly uninspired over the last four years
  • Trivium still exists?
  • The Foo Fighters are one of the most hit-or-miss bands I know. Didn’t like Rope, did like Walk, and this kind of thing has persisted for as long as I’ve heard them on the radio
  • Radio jockeys are pretty entertaining
  • I grew up listening to grunge on the radio, and I miss it

I have ended a lot of posts by telling people to turn off the radio, and I stand by that. You’re not getting the best of music if all you do is listen to the radio, or even if you listen to bands that primarily play on the radio. It gets better off the beaten path.


2 thoughts on “Some end-of-summer thoughts

  1. Im kinda confused as to why you think the Korn/Skrillex song works well together. In previous comments you have stated that it is the obnoxious use of ‘wobbles’ that has ruined dubstep as a genre for you. Yet so far as I can see the song ‘Get Up’ seems to focus primarily on all the obnoxious parts of dubstep. ‘Get Up’ is a dubstep song. It 140 bpm and half-step. The only thing that seems to be missing is the deep sub-bass. If anything rock elements have been added to it – real drums instead of drum machines, rock guitars and John Davis cheese-tastic lyrics about how pitiful life is.Now dont get me wrong. I like the song too. As a fan of both Numetal and Dubstep I think the combination work well as well. But thats because I like obnoxious in-yo-face music.What confuses me is why you enjoy it when it is clearly a brostep song.


  2. To me, the difference between Get Up and current “real” dubstep is that the ONLY CONTENT to a dubstep song is the wobbles, while Get Up uses the wobbles only as a component of the song. I can’t say that doing this is always going to work out, but the song didn’t bother me the way a standard dubstep song does. I suppose that if the “solo” of Get Up had been translated into the entire song, it would have been much worse.


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