On a reader recommendation, I decided to check out glitch-hop. I didn't really know what to expect, so I basically went to last.fm and picked the top four glitch-hop artists it provided to listen to. These were The Glitch Mob, Baths, Nosaj Thing, and edIT. I was also recommended Opiuo, so I checked him out, too. And here is how that went:

I was not really impressed with Glitch Mob right away. Their music is a bit too repetitive for how long it is. It is what I consider "driving music," as in good music to keep you pumped up while driving, but not so great on its own. That said, in the past few days, their songs have gotten stuck in my head, so I guess they weren't so terrible. What Glitch Mob has is a really sick groove. While their songs may not progress much, if you ask me, each song is a bitchin' ride. The head-nodding funk sound that these guys generate reminds me of RATM, so I can't complain too much.

Baths is completely different (and it's always a good sign to have such diversity in a genre), and I actually like him a lot. He may be more of the "glitch" side of glitch-hop, because his songs were all much more complex than Glitch Mob's. Unlike Glitch Mob, I never found myself thinking "wow, this song is still going?" during the middle. I love the way he composes his beats, I love the soundscapes he creates, and I love the rhythms he uses. He's definitely my favorite artist in the genre at the moment.

Nosaj Thing struck me as the most ambient of the bunch, and perhaps the least glitch-hoppy. Coming after Baths, it was hard to impress me, and I honestly didn't like him as much. Still, as ambient goes, he was decent. I felt like he was lacking the groove that some of the other guys had, but considering I half-suspect he's not glitch-hop, I can't blame him for that.

edIT is actually a member of The Glitch Mob, and I preferred his solo work more than the group's work. He's a very clever songwriter, and I thought his songs had a lot more to them than Glitch Mob's. More glitch, more complex beats. edIT was really more "IDM" than Glitch Mob, and I liked that. Because he really stood out without making me suspect that he was not true glitch-hop, I will link one of his songs as a recommendation, Ants.

Opiuo was also pretty damned good. Again, unlike Glitch Mob, his songs did not bore me. He has great funky, groovy songs, and he got the head-nodding out of me that you'd expect glitch-hop to produce. It was suggested that he employed some dubstep tricks well, and I agree. What he does is take the bass drops and use them MUSICALLY, as opposed to just ruining an entire song by dropping and wobbling for 5 minutes straight. What he does is use the bass effect like a bass guitar in a band, and that's why he succeeds in making a funky sound, as opposed to an annoying one. From my brief understanding of glitch-hop, Opiuo seemed most true-to-form. He has hip-hop rhythm and glitchy musicality, and it really works.

To wrap things up, I like glitch-hop. It's my kind of thing. While none of these artists were the best thing I've ever heard, they were still all good, and it's nice to see that some fronts of electronic music are still producing good music.


One thought on “My thoughts on glitch-hop

  1. Awesome article. I agree completely. Especially about The Glitch Mob, I think they’re overrated. Haven’t listened to the others u mentioned so will do so now. Agree with the RATM reference too, massive fan of them and I always like how they were able to make really funky without losing edge and glitch hop hits the same note with me.


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