I'm not sure what kind of a reaction I'll get for this post. I'd like to think anyone that listens to metal would agree with me. For those that don't, allow me to explain.

From Dragonforce to Blind Guardian, power metal is a matter of picking an epic band name, and singing about storming the keep. In Battlelore's case, you sing about storming Helm's Deep. Power metal is not inherently terrible, it's just that once you've heard a power metal band, you have quite frankly heard them all. You may disagree, but I assure you, I cranked through some power metal before writing this article to test my theory, and the only difference I noticed was how convincing the music videos for each band were in portraying the lead singer as a warrior.

I can see power metal's role in metal music. It's a gateway, and I'm sure it is moderately successful in transitioning new listeners to heavier and more diverse subgenres. For me, it is not distant enough from traditional heavy metal or NWOBHM to be truly interesting. It's like reading a fantasy book: if you're not looking to get swept away by tales of dragons and swords, there's just no point in getting involved. To extend that analogy, anyone who reads too much fantasy is a big nerd, and that's what I think of people who listen to power metal.


3 thoughts on “Power metal is boring

  1. Not a big metal listener but I do see what you mean. To me it sounds like what would have happened if a time traveller had given Vikings electric guitars and a soundtrack of Rockies Eye of the Tiger. Having said that I dont mind it, especially Battlelore, but I can see how it would piss of the trumetal fans.Have you listened to any Glitch-Hop? Ive just started getting into it. It would be interesting to see what your opinion is on Glitch-Hop or Glitch music in general.


  2. That’s the thing. I can’t really find anything bad to say about power metal, and I’ve even listened to a lot of it in the past. It’s just not “good enough” when you compare it to a lot of other metal. Of course, I dislike black metal, too. So I’m all over the place on the TRVE KVLT spectrum.I don’t think I’ve ever heard glitch-hop. I have heard glitch, and some of it has been amazing. Sometimes it borders on straight up noise (in the noise-rock sense), and I don’t like that. It walks a fine line between music and bullshit. I’ll check out glitch-hop and write something up.


  3. Cool. Good place to start would be Glitch Mob (also Boretta and Kraddy who have released their own stuff). I would also check out Opiuo. Im really feeling his music right now. You will still notice a few of the all-to-familiar dubstep wobbles (and at times the half step beat too) but its so submerged its not funny, and theres no emphasis on it at all. The emphasis is on funk and uses of pause and silence to create suspense and motion. But yeah check it out and form your own opinion. I used to think exactly the same about Glitch but lately I have been impressed by some of it.


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