I have complained a lot about the bands I've heard on the radio this summer. I enjoy basically anything the radio puts on from the 90's and early 00's, but the most recent releases have been my least favorite, except for these:

Riptide, by Sick Puppies – I happen to be a Sick Puppies fan, and I'm glad to see that they're still making good music as opposed to letting themselves fall off. They have a great talent for chorus lines, and while I don't normally pay much attention to lyrics, the Sick Puppies have always outperformed their contemporaries in my eyes. Riptide continues the trend, and it is a song that doesn't bother me when it's being played over and over on the radio.

Isolation, by Alter Bridge – Alter Bridge is probably the best hard rock band that formed in the 00's. Mark Tremonti was really good in Creed, but the type of music between the two bands is different, and he never really got to reach his full potential with Creed. I won't blame Scott Stapp for that, but Alter Bridge is flat-out better, despite having the same guys minus Stapp. Isolation is heavy, has great riffs and breakdowns, a guitar solo… I wish that I could just will other bands to make songs like this. For hard rock today, this is a masterpiece of a song.

Panic, by Sublime with Rome – This is an interesting case, because Reel Big Fish be damned, Sublime was the greatest ska-punk band I have ever heard. It's always touchy to replace the lead singer of a classic band who had so many great songs, but I actually don't mind Rome Ramirez. Panic was the first song of this new Sublime that I heard, and I really liked it. It is quick, it is dynamic, and it has a conciseness to it that makes it bearable to listen to over and over. Admittedly, I have listened to some other Sublime with Rome songs, and didn't like them as much, but there is potential here. I'll be looking to see if they can make something as good as Santeria.

As for older music, I've been liking Alice in Chains, Chevelle, Godsmack's older stuff, and I've actually developed a fondness for Limp Bizkit's musicality, although Fred Durst still ruins everything. I'll only be listening to the radio for another month, so we'll see if anything else develops.


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