Mainstream hip-hop is generally assumed to consist of lyrics about going to the club, making money, and getting bitches ‘n hoes. Indeed, in the past, I have criticized the lack of creativity and substance in this kind of hip-hop. However, I neglected to mention an entertaining subset of mainstream hip-hop that takes this subject matter to new, comedic levels.

What I’ll call “hanging with the boys” hip-hop usually involves one or more hip-hop artists talking about their manly exploits using incredibly exaggerative terms, usually with a comic bent – as if they were relating the story directly to a group of their friends. In fact, this is how a lot of these songs intentionally come across. I’m not really recommending this as a source of great hip-hop, but for laughs, I think it’s worth a listen:

I’ve listed them in ascending order with respect to amount of ridiculous lyrical content. If you happened to like (hed) pe’s song, I am pleased to inform you that they have an entire album dedicated to the theme. In conclusion, I’d like to offer a hypothetical question: Why are there hardly any women in hip-hop?


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