I said previously that I enjoy writing music digitally, and it’s about time that I post a song that I’ve written. The delay has come from being unable to find music software that I really liked. I settled on Mixcraft (it is the least-bloated music software on Windows that I’ve found), and wrote the following song using the free trial.

I called it “Watching The Stars Go By,” a lyric from Spaceship by Benny Benassi. My song is by no means a cover of Spaceship, but Spaceship was essentially the inspiration – you can probably hear a similar chord progression. This could be considered the result of a house song re-imagined as post-rock. I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m looking into buying a CD Key for Mixcraft (the trial won’t last), and then I’ll be able to write some more.

Also, the band name I’m going with is “Halo Array,” which I just ripped off the Halo series. Let’s hope they don’t mind – it’s a cool name.


One thought on “Check ‘Em… I wrote a song

  1. I like it. Very emotive and interesting use of contrasting distortion. I would have liked the chord progressions to change or possibly a down beat… to me thats the only thing missing…unless thats what you as the artist were aiming to omit 🙂


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